PPE with Lower Minimums-Credit Unions

Updated Pricing - 01/05/2021

Welcome to our expanded PPE store. Pricing on this site is still 2020 pricing.  We will hold that pricing through the end of January.

There has been encouraging news about vaccines becoming more and more available across the country.  But even by the most optimistic timelines, they won't reach most of the population until April or May of 2021. 

And we're in for a long hard winter.

Tellers, loan agents and even call centers will be using these products to protect themselves and their co-workers.

And your members will expect it.

Sanitizer, masks, gloves, touch-free thermometers,  sneeze guards and more, are ongoing needs.

Our company has launched stores for Credit Unions in eleven different regions. And while the bulk sales on those stores are available 24/7, we have developed this store for you.  Buy a smaller quantity of masks but still get the bulk buy price.

We even have a formula on the mask page to help you decide how many masks you truly need.

Delivery will be in under a week. 

We have also added a collection of health-conscious promotional products to present to your members as a way of showing how you not only protect their assets, but them as well.

If you have an immediate need please contact us at the number provided and we will arrange expedited handling, usually at no additional cost to you.

AND, a portion of all proceeds will be returned to your Foundation in your region.


Geiger is the largest independently owned distributor of promotional products in northern America. Google "Geiger, Maine" for confirmation. 

As such, Geiger's relationships at home, and globally, have opened up direct sourcing for these products. We have the resources to meet your needs now, and in the months ahead...when others are experiencing shortages.

And, your Geiger contacts are USA based.

Start a relationship now. Let us meet your current needs and earn your trust for the future.

By the way, if you don't see something you want here, just let us know. We'll source it for you.

Warning: Many companies have suddenly appeared on the internet selling "Masks", etc. Most cannot deliver, require full deposits, or are delivering product that does not have FDA approval. If you aren't buying from Geiger get your documentation checked out by your compliance team.